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When working on a MacBook, you’re more likely to run across technical issues that influence your performance on an irregular basis. However, even if these issues occur frequently, they cause users inconvenience and aggravation. Even the most basic issues, such as lost data, missing files or backups, and logic board failures, can cost you hours of work.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common MacBook Pro issues and how to fix them. This accuracy applies to all MacBook Pro models, including the 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch variants.

The First Issue is that the Laptop would not Switch On:

There could be a number of reasons why your MacBook abruptly shuts down and refuses to restart or turn on. Photoshop, Illustrator, and other similar programmes come to mind. Your hard drive may have reached its storage limit if you’re using resource-intensive apps like.

  • RAM Problems: Pay attention to see whether your MacBook beeps three times in a row. If this is the case, it could be a RAM problem, such as bad RAM, or a boot problem.

Examine the RAM slots to ensure that they are correctly inserted. Reset both RAM chips and try again if you have two. If it doesn’t work, try each chip one at a time to see if any of them is preventing the Mac from booting. Check your logic board if nothing seems to be working.

  • Scratch Disk Error: Scratch Disks are temporary storage drives created by Photoshop to store project-related transient files. These drives quickly fill up when working on graphics-intensive projects, and “Photoshop could not be started because the scratch disks are full.”

Cleaning the scratch disc could be a remedy to the issue indicated above, as well as a way to keep it functional.

  • Damaged Power Adapter: The laptop battery will not charge properly if the power adapter or outlet is damaged. Your laptop will not power on if the battery is not charged properly or at all.

Make sure you determine the root cause if there is an issue with the wall outlet. You can check if a battery adapter or power adapter can charge your device by borrowing one. If your computer still won’t charge after plugging a different charger, the issue could be with the left I/O board.

  • Thermal Sensor Issues: If your Mac is spinning at a high RPM but won’t boot, the thermal sensor may need to be replaced.

Check that the temperature sensors are properly placed; if not, replace them as soon as possible.
If this doesn’t seem to solve the “MacBook Pro won’t switch on” problem, the logic board may need to be replaced.

Issue 2: Blinking Question Mark on MacBook Pro:


It’s possible that your MacBook won’t start up properly if all you see on the screen is a blinking question mark.

  • Operating System Error: If you try to switch on your MacBook laptop but get a question mark at the end, it means the system was unable to locate a bootable operating system. The operating system could also be corrupt, the hard drive could be failing, or there could be a RAM shortage.

To repair a damaged hard disc or reinstall the operating system, try booting from a CD or using Apple Disk Utility. Before reinstalling the operating system, consider erasing the hard disc if possible.

  • Faulty hard drive: Your computer’s solid-state drive or hard disc may have been erased, deleted, or damaged. If the hard drive on your MacBook Pro has been deleted, format it as HFS+ and then reinstall the operating system.

The hard disc exhibits data corruption at a single level before full failure. You will gradually notice that the hard disc is spinning faster and making a clicking sound. If it is still operational, make a backup and replace all data before it fails permanently.

3 Common Problems with MacBook Pro the is LCD Screen Dim:


Another common and frustrating issue is a hazy image on the MacBook Pro screen. Normally, the screen is entirely blacked out, however, there are large graphics that impede productivity.

  • Display error: Although a black or dark screen is one of the symptoms of this problem, determining the cause is challenging. The only issue is that the screen is black. Everything appears to be in working order. There could be an issue with the display.

Then, you should consider changing your display in order to rectify these common problems with MacBook Pro.

  • Problem with display: If you shine a spotlight on your screen, you may notice blurry text and images. If this occurs, restart your MacBook Pro to see if the screen is still viewable. If nothing else works, you should contact Apple Support.


In this informative guide, we have shown you some of the common problems with MacBook Pro and its solution. If you are facing any of these issues with your laptop then you might find this article helpful. Feel free to write your queries in the comment box & recommendation. Moreover, for the latest tech knowledge follow Free Tech Insider.

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