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Moving Cleaning in Luleå

We perform moving cleaning in the entire Luleå area and the surrounding area. Our experienced boys and girls are specialists in moving cleaning in all shapes and colours. From the smaller student apartment to the large house or office!

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Environmentally conscious

Unfortunately, the cleaning industry is far behind in environmental thinking. We intend to change this! We usually choose the most environmentally friendly alternatives of consumables and plan our work very carefully to avoid unnecessary driving!

Vi utför Flyttstädning Luleå Luleåområdet med omnejd. Våra erfarna killar och tjejer är specialister på flyttstäd i alla former och färger.

To hire us is to do good for the environment

Quality-oriented and affordable

All our cleaners are well experienced in the cleaning industry and moving cleaning in Luleå, which means that we can work methodically and efficiently, therefore we can always offer a good fixed price and full guarantee on our work performed!

Experts in moving cleaning

Moving cleaning is our speciality, this makes us a safe choice when choosing a cleaning company in Luleå. We know what is required for you to be able to feel calm and secure, and for your cleaning to have a spotless result when inspected before moving. Should any concerns arise, we also have a full guarantee on our moving cleanings

What is included in a moving cleaning?

In all rooms

  • Wet drying of floors
  • Ceilings and walls are dusted
  • Drying of mouldings, plinths
  • Elements, on and behind
  • Wiping of interior doors
  • Wardrobes and walk-in closets are cleaned
  • Window wash inside
  • Window wash outside and between the glass if feasible.


  • Cleaning of all surfaces and countertops
  • Descaling the sink if necessary
  • Cabinets and doors are cleaned inside and out
  • The fridge and freezer are cleaned inside and out. Even behind if they can be pulled out
  • Under dikhon
  • Stove and oven. Behind if it is possible to pull out
  • Cleaning of oven grilles and rinsing and wiping of plates.
  • Cooker hood, hood and filter, if possible to remove.
  • Dishwasher


  • Cleaning of all surfaces
  • Joints and pipes are washed
  • The bathtub and shower cubicle are cleaned and descaled. Also floor and wall behind bathtub if possible
  • Cabinets and drawers are dried out
  • Floor drains are cleaned
  • The dryer and washing machine are cleaned

Moving cleaning Luleå

Are you moving soon and already feeling stressed over all the things you are expected to do? Most of us know how stressful a move can be, not only physically but also mentally. There are big changes happening and it can feel confusing to keep track of everything. In addition to the move itself, with all the work that it entails, there is also a long list of requirements for the move cleaning. It is both time and energy consuming and can feel like an impossible task in the middle of the moving chaos.

Stressing with moving cleaning is not recommended. It can be very costly both in time and money, and therefore it is not so strange that more and more people are starting to take professional help with these services.

Of course, we want you to avoid worrying about all this. We have experienced staff of the highest quality and also offer a guarantee to all our customers. The guarantee allows you to release the entire cleaning completely, as we take over the responsibility for an approved removal cleaning and communication with affected parties.

If you want help with moving cleaning in Luleå, you can quickly and easily request a quote directly in our contact form.

Moving cleaning Luleå Price

When we price a moving cleaning in Luleå, we look for a number of different factors that can have an impact on the final price. We first start by calculating an approximate square meter price for moving cleaning of your home. This can of course vary depending on the size and type of home but is usually somewhere between SEK 30-45 per sqm including RUT.

Other factors that can affect the price are the condition of the home, how far it is really dirty, normally dirty or easy to clean (or other decontamination apartments) and of course, we also count the number of windows, glazed balconies and balconies.

We are absolutely not a price squeezer for moving cleaning, in Luleå, we keep an average price for the industry despite our high quality, we can do this when we

Book Relocation Cleaning Luleå

Book us at Älvis Städ for your moving cleaning in Luleå. If you are a tenant, you can feel great security with the fact that today we have experience of working with the vast majority of landlords in Luleå, which means that we are of course aware of what requirements are set. We always follow the guidelines in the industry and provide a guarantee of approved results.

If you need help booking moving cleaning prior to the sale of a home in Luleå, we are the right cleaning company for you. We are recommended in many cases by local brokers as we have high ratings and smooth handling. We help you facilitate the final stage of the deal and reduce any problems that arise during a moving cleaning and handover.

Should we fail at any point in the removal cleaning, we will of course come and fix any errors at no extra cost.

Therefore, you are safe with booking a moving cleaning in Luleå with us at Älvis Städ.

Moving cleaning Luleå with Warranty

We are so sure of our thing that we leave what we think is Sweden’s best Relocation Clean Guarantee! Our experience gives us the opportunity to work both accurately and methodically, but also quickly and efficiently. This combination means that we can offer the highest quality of moving cleaning in Luleå, but also keep prices down as we do not need more hours than necessary.

Alla våra städare är väl erfarna inom städbranschen och flyttstäd luleå vilket gör att vi kan arbeta metodiskt och effektivt

Sometimes, however, it can be the case that certain routines are lacking or simply human factors that come into play, which can lead to a change or adjustment of the work.

Of course, we fix all types of cleaning-related errors completely at no extra cost, unless otherwise stated.

Upon sale, our guarantee works in 2 stages. Both to you who ordered the moving cleaning from us, but also to the buyer of the home. This gives you double security that the moving anvil will be good.

Welcome to us at Älvis Städ in Luleå.

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