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File sizes are on the rise, and with that comes the question of how to send files quickly and securely. On that note, finding a way to send large videos can seem a nearly impossible task. This is an important point for hobby video editors, freelancers, broadcasters, post-production houses alike, as their workflow is constantly adapting to digitalization.

A recent article by 4K Shooters reports that 1 hour of 4K footage is 318GB, and it doesn’t look like those file sizes will drop anytime soon. Hence, we have to learn to adapt to changing times and increasing file sizes.

So how do you collaborate on projects with partners who are geographically distant? Instead, what do you do when a client orders some of their raw videos? Having a file-sharing system that is not only future-proof for large volumes, but also eases of use, security, and trouble-free operation is paramount.

This article will help you find out how to deliver time-sensitive video files over 20GB in size. You may be surprised to find out that there are many suitable options to select from.

Method 1: MASV Cloud Accelerated Solution

One quick and easy way to send large videos with high quality is by using a fast cloud solution like MASV – File Transfer Solution. All you require is an internet connection.

This option is great when you don’t have time for limitations and you need the fastest and most powerful solution. MASV was specifically created for video and post-production professionals who need to deliver massive videos on time. Moreover, MASV transfers video as fast as your Internet connection and at a similar rate to shipping hard drives, without the risks involved (or trips to FedEx)!

Also, MASV which is a fast cloud solution does not require any specialized software and can send files faster than most competitors. It is also easy to use and allows you to send as much data as you need without any file size or bandwidth hurdles.

Billing is easy for $0.25 per GB on the pay-as-you-go plan that also includes 10 days of storage for delivery. After speaking with companies in the entertainment and media field, pay-as-you-go is a recommended choice. Their insights were quite helpful, letting us know that their business is generally project-based and that from month to month, monthly transfer volume tends to fluctuate significantly. MASV is efficient and fast by utilizing cloud-based patented TCP acceleration technology, which ensures that the product does not require technical expertise or hardware/software installation.

In tests comparing UDP solutions such as Aspera to MASV, the company typically transfer videos at 90 per cent of the speed of your Internet connection, which is only 10 per cent slower than what you see with UDP options. This was an intentional trade-off which is put in place to make their service much easier to configure and use than any number of UDPs. MASV still requires that you have a decent internet connection, as they cannot send data at a speed faster than the amount of bandwidth which you have, but this applies to all standard and non-standard solutions in the industry.


  • Affordable
  • easy to use
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Very fast


  • Slightly less efficient and fast when compared to UDP, but less risky
  • Fast Video Transfer Service

Method 2: Accelerated UDP Solutions (Signiant, Aspera, File Catalyst)

User Datagram Protocol (UDP), is ideal for simple, low-latency transmissions with a low risk of data loss. You can take advantage of faster sending without having to wait for agreements with the recipient. The pioneers in the UDP rapid transit space are File Catalyst, Signiant, and Aspera. UDP solutions can be peer-to-peer, which requires an on-premises server, or via the cloud (Aspera Cloud), which is very similar to the SaaS offering.

How does this technology work?

This technology functions by creating a new protocol for transmitting data over the Internet that can be transmitted at very high speeds. Many online file transfer tools are based on the TCP protocol. However, they are designed for sharing bandwidth which makes them quite slow.

For instance, with UDP solutions that use an upload speed of 1Gbps, you’ll get close to 1Gbps. Note that if you or the receiver don’t have a fast upload and download speed, like 20Mbps or lower, even with these tools, you can still just transfer data at 20Mbps. It is recommended that you use a wired network, and if Wi-Fi is the only option, be sure to use the correct Wi-Fi channel for maximum performance. This is how you can find the best WIFI channel for your router.


  • The fastest possible transfer speeds
  • Transfers made in this way are reliable because of the pause/resume function, automatic retry mechanisms, etc.


  • Very costly (Aspera Cloud begins at $0.95 per Gigabyte and storage is not included)
  • It requires technical expertise to use and install
  • UDP is not always accepted via firewalls; alternative solutions require the installation of specialized software, which can be challenging in constrained IT environments
  • complicated to use
  • It tends to take up all your office bandwidth and should be reduced if you need to make a Skype call or even surf the Internet.

Method 3: Getting a hard disk

As someone once said, “do not underestimate the bandwidth of a truck full of tape rushing down the road.” Though tapes are no longer shipped anymore, the message is still true for hard disk drives. If you’re trying to make an urgent video file delivery and you or the recipient do not have enough bandwidth, an alternative would be to send the data on a hard drive through your shipping provider or local courier service like FedEx.


  • You can send a large amount of data at once
  • Insurance as well tracking information is usually provided


  • It is not convenient to handle it; tracking is not always updated and once the package has been shipped, you cannot make changes
  • Scalability becomes an issue if you have to change frequently
  • It is a security risk for your data to be in the hands of other people.

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