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Free Tech Insider is a blog platform. You may share articles about Technology, Social Media, SEO, Web Design, Business, Marketing, and other relevant topics here.

We welcome bloggers to submit guest pieces in exchange for a high-quality backlink to their website or blog.

You are free to submit articles on any of the above-mentioned subjects.

Before submitting your articles, please read the following guidelines:

  • The article must be of high quality, with a word count of at least 800-1200.
  • It would be excellent if you could ensure that the content is original. To ensure that the text is unique, use a plagiarism checker.
  • By submitting an article to Free Tech Insider, you agree to allow us to edit/tweak it in accordance with SEO rules.
  • Before the information is published on our website, the editors will investigate it.
  • Outgoing links in the article must be relevant and not Affiliate Links or connections that are intended to promote items or services; if such links are identified, the post will be classified as a promotional/review piece.
  • We have the right to delete any link/s at any time, for any reason.
  • Nofollow will be applied to all outbound links.
  • For additional information about Dofollow links, please contact our editors at or via our contact form. Please include “Request for do-follow the link” in the subject line of your email.
  • Before submitting the article, please double-check the material. Articles will not be removed or changed after they have been published on the website!
  • If your article meets all of the above requirements, you may send it to, or you can register here to submit it for evaluation.
  • We do not accept articles or links relating to Casino/Gambling, Drugs, Adult, Essay Writing, Finance, or other similar areas.
  • Any licence, copyright, and permissions for your image used in the material are your responsibility.
  • Please wait 5-7 business days for your storey to be published on our website. The repeated follow-up would lengthen the time it took to publish.

These standards are subject to change at any moment without notice. It is the responsibility of contributors to be informed of and adhere to changes.

Please note that submitting an article to Free Tech Insider does not ensure that it will be published.

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